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General Retention and Disposal Schedule (GRDS)

Note: Our website will be changing on 30 January 2017. Check back for regular updates.

The General Retention and Disposal Schedule (GRDS) provides authorisation for all Queensland government agencies to sentence and dispose of records of common activities and functions, e.g. finance and HR, as well as transitory and short term records that are created as part of routine transactional business practices. It lists the minimum retention period for those records.

This version of the GRDS supersedes all previous versions of the GRDS and all previous versions of the Transitory Records and Short Term Retention and Disposal Schedule issued by Queensland State Archives.
Superseded versions should not be used to sentence or dispose of public records as this may result in unlawful disposal under the Public Records Act 2002.

The GRDS Lite is a streamlined version of the GRDS and offers a simple and alternative schedule for sentencing records covered by the GRDS. It does not replace GRDS (full) and there is no requirement for agencies to resentence records using GRDS Lite. 

​Date Issued
1 September 2016
Responsible  Public Authority
All Queensland public authorities
​Current Schedule ​




GRDS Lite (PDF, 613KB)

GRDS Lite (DOC, 642KB)

GRDS Lite (XLS, 83KB)

​Superseded Schedules

QDAN 249 v.7 (March 2014)

QDAN 249 v.7 (Lite) (June 2015)

Transitory records and short term retention and disposal schedule QDAN 720 v.2 (March 2016)

QDAN 249 v.6 (August 2011)

QDAN 249 v.5 (October 2010)

QDAN 249 v.4 (September 2004)

QDAN 249 v.3 (February 2004)

QDAN 249 v.2 (August 1998)

QDAN 249 v.1 (June 1997)

These schedules are superseded and are available for references purposes only. They should not be used to dispose of records.

​Revision History

Version 1 – Initial Schedule

Version 2 – Minor review

Version 3 – Major review (alignment with Keyword AAA)

Version 4 – Minor revision to reflect current Directives relating to personnel records.

Version 5 – Major review (Financial Management function and other minor amendments). Schedule re-ordered into alphabetical order by function.

Version 6 – Minor revision to preamble and other record classes.

Version 7 – Major review (Human Resource functions and other amendments)

Current version - Major review, change of title, change of numbering pattern


Last updated 07 December 2016


 Access the GRDS here


 GRDS (PDF, 1.5MB)

 GRDS (DOC, 1.6MB)

 GRDS (XLS, 324KB)


 Access the GRDS Lite here


 GRDS Lite (PDF, 613KB)

 GRDS Lite (DOC, 642KB)

 GRDS Lite (XLS, 83KB)


 Appraisal Log and Summary of Changes


Appraisal Log (PDF, 2MB)

Appraisal log comparison with other jurisdictions (PDF, 1.1MB)

Executive summary of changes (PDF, 171KB

Detailed summary of changes (PDF, 178KB)

Detailed summary of changes (XLS, 178KB)

GRDS Lite summary of changes (PDF, 217KB)

Change history table (XLS, 11KB)

Mapping document GRDS to GRDS Lite (PDF, 250KB)

Note: A summary of changes for versions 2 through to 7 is available upon request.


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