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Brisbane Hospital registers of deaths 1933–1963

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Adobe Reader is required to open and print these Portable Document Format (PDF) index files and is free to download from the Adobe website. If you have difficulty accessing PDF files from this website please contact us.

Explanatory notes

  • ? indicates there is doubt about the entry due to difficulty in interpreting handwriting
  • blank indicates no information was recorded
  • check all possible spelling variants. Many given names have variant spellings or were misspelled
  • all given names are abbreviated as they appear in the original record
  • Mc and Mac names are interfiled
  • O names are indexed without an apostrophe, e.g. O DWYER
  • Asiatic names appear as written in the register e.g. AH TONG and TONG AH​
  • age column: Inf = Infant; 1y 6m = 1 year 6 months; 11mths = 11 months; 6wks = 6 weeks; 17d = 17 days; 6hr = 6 hours; 10min = 10 minutes
  • B&D = born and died
  • INT (after 168) = Intermediate.  Entry is located in date order on the page after Ordinal No. 168
  • 1343 (1333)* number incorrectly recorded as 1333 should be 1343 as per sequence of allocated numbers 
  • *ordinal number incorrectly recorded, previously assigned to another patient
  • (Baby) - unnamed infant
  • (Male) - indicates no given names however gender is recorded
  • (no details) - Patient is recorded however no other details have been entered on page
  • [Urbania] – name as recorded in the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Index; original entry is difficult to read or recorded incorrectly causing confusion as to persons name
  • NOTES: there are gaps in listings for cause/s of death entries - not all entries were recorded. Cause of death was recorded after 9 September 1935.
Abbreviations used in index

​​B&D ​born and died
​F ​female
​hr/hrs ​hour/s
​INT ​intermediate
​M ​male
​m/mth/mths ​months
​min/mins ​minutes
​wks ​weeks
​Y/Yr ​year

Abbreviations used in registers - Cause of death

​Ac Acute ​​​Infarc Infarction
Arach ​Arachnoid ​Infec ​Infection
​Br ​Bronchial ​Inj ​Injury
​Broncho Pn ​Bronchopneumonia Intest ​​Intestinal
​Ca ​Carcinoma (cancer) ​​Mal ​Malignant
​Carc ​Carcinoma (cancer) ​Mell ​Mellitus (Diabetes)
​Card ​Cardiac ​Myo ​Myocardial failure
​CC ​Coroner's Case ​Obs​ ​Obstruction / Obstructive
​CCF ​Congestive (Chronic) 
Cardiac Failure
​​Occl ​​Obstruction / Obstructive
​Certif ​Certified Od ​Odema
​CF ​Cardiac failure ​​PM ​​Post Mortem
​Ch ​Chronic ​Pneu(m) ​Pneumonia
​Chol ​Cholaemic / Cholaoma ​Pois ​Poisoning
​Cong ​Congestive Pul ​Pulmonary
​Diam(ant) ​Diamantina ​SBAH​ ​South Brisbane Auxillery Hospital
​Fib ​Fibrulation Sup ​Supperative​
​Haem ​Haematoma; Haematosis TB ​Tuberculosis
​Hyp (Hyp Ten) ​Hypertension / Hypertensive ​​Throm ​Thrombosis

Abbreviations used in registers - Undertaker
​​(Jul) Dr Julius
​AGow ​Alex Gow
​Barr ​Barratt - Beaudesert
​Bne ​Brisbane Undertakers
​Bne Utaker ​Brisbane Undertakers
​Burstow ​Burstows Funeral Care
​C&C ​Cannon and Cripps
​Crem ​Crematorium
​Gow ​Alex Gow
​His ​J Hislop
​Julius ​Dr Julius
​KMS ​Kate Mary Smith
​Med ​Medical school
​Metro(p) ​Metropolitan
​Reed  ​Reed (Ipswich) 

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This index was created from Series ID 9507, Registers of Deaths, 1933-1963. This series was created by the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.

The following details are recorded in these registers kept by the Brisbane Hospital: ordinal number of death, name, age, district, UR number, date of death, cause of death, certified, and undertaker.

Please note that not all details have been completed in the registers. Occasionally age and cause of death have no information recorded; these are usually in coroners or intermediate cases. An Intermediate case (recorded as INTER in the registers) is a deceased patient who has been transferred by ambulance to the hospital mortuary prior to the undertakers removal to a funeral home. The patient was referred to hospital mortuary by an attending Doctor or Ambulance. Entries for Intermediate patients are often limited with little or no details provided.

The image below (click for larger image) is an example of a page from the Register for January 1942. Note the two pages to an opening.

Brisbane Hospital registers of death, 1942 entry 

Related records

Other records related to this series include:

  • Series ID 10810: Register of Provisions, Medicines and Patients in the Moreton Bay General Hospital, 1847-1850
  • Series ID 163: Admission Registers Hospital, 1872-1887
  • Series ID 10817: Registers of Deaths and Special Removals, 1899-1913.

Last updated 21 December 2016
Brisbane General Hospital and Women's Hospital, Ambulance driver reporting with patients, 1946
Queensland State Archives Digital Image ID 2881: Brisbane General Hospital and Women's Hospital, Ambulance driver reporting with patients, 1946

 Indexes available under Open Data initiative


​The index to Brisbane Hospital registers of deaths 1933 to 1963 is also available through the Queensland Government's Open Data initiative. The Open Data index is in .csv format.

The content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia Licence.