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Mackay Hospital admissions 1891-1908

This index was created from Series 18305, Admission Registers hospital, 1891-1908. This index was created by the Mackay Library - Friends of the Library volunteers.


This series consists of registers of patient admissions created by the Mackay District Hospital later known as the Mackay Base Hospital.

Information given for each entry includes admission number (although not always written down), name (female patients were registered in red ink but this practice was discontinued by 1904), age, place of birth, date of admission, date of discharge, disease, religion, remarks, date of death (if applicable; written in red ink - also discontinued by 1904), doctor's date of visit and doctor's signature.

At the end of each year there is a list of male and female patients remaining in hospital after December 31st. These entries have not been included in the index. The last date of admissions recorded is 31 December 1908 whilst the last date of discharge is recorded as 16 April 1910.

South Sea Islanders, Chinese, Japanese and other Asiatic plantation workers are often recorded with the name of their employer, plantation or island from where they originated or their ethnic background or sometimes a combination of these details.

The image below (click for larger image) is an example of a page from the register for April 1891.

Mackay Base Hospital admission registers 1891-1908

Explanatory notes

  • ? indicates there is doubt about the entry due to difficulty in interpreting handwriting
  • check all possible spelling variants
  • all given names are abbreviated as they appear in the original record
  • Mc and Mac names are interfiled
  • O names are indexed without an apostrophe, e.g. O DWYER
  • age column: Inf = Infant; 17d = 17 days; 1y 6m = 1 year 6 months; 6wks = 6 weeks
  • an entry listed as: KAMAMOTO (Palms) (Japan) indicates the individual worked on the Palms plantation and was from Japan
  • an entry listed as: IYAP (Mr Jane) (Mailcula - SSI) indicates the individual worked for Mr Jane and was a South Sea Islander from Mailcula Island
  • SSI = South Sea Islander
  • Item ID 1001210 a dual page number was used in the register, e.g. an entry may read p.103 however this indicates the 2 pages to an opening numbered 103-104
  • pages were numbered only to page 137 in Item ID 1001209 however the register is arranged chronologically by date of admission

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Last updated 06 July 2015

 Index available under Open Data initiative


The index to Mackay Hospital admissions 1891-1908 is now available through the Queensland Government’s Open Data initiative. The Open Data index is available in .csv format.

The content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia Licence.