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Land orders 1861-1874

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Explanatory notes

  • ? indicates there is doubt about the entry due to difficulty in interpreting handwriting; Handwriting is very fine (small) and faded in most registers.
  • more than one entry may be found for a person. (2) after a name indicates more than one entry on that page for the name listed
  • check all possible spelling variants
  • all given names are spelled and abbreviated as they appear in the original record
  • Mc and Mac names are interfiled
  • O and D names are not indexed with an apostrophe, e.g. O DWYER; D ARCY.

List of common abbreviations

MFG COY = Manufacturing Company

MG CO = Manufacturing Company

QIS = Queensland Immigration Society

QES = Queensland Emigration Society

DECD or DEC = deceased

RESPRES = Representative/s

SENR or SEN = Senior

JUNR or JUN = Junior

REVD = Reverend

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This index was created from several series of records relating to land orders that were created by the Immigration Department.

The series from which the index was created are:

  • Series ID 13137 (IMM/249), Register of Land Orders issued on payment of undertakings, 1870-1874
  • Series ID 13139 (IMM/246), Register of the Issue of 18 Pounds' (18) Land Orders, 1861-1863
  • Series ID 13144 (IMM/247), Register of Land Order Claims, 1862-1864
  • Series ID 13145 (IMM/248), Register of 18 Pounds' (18) and 30 Pounds' (30) Land Orders, 1864-1873
  • Series ID 13146 (IMM/249), Register of 30-Acre Land Orders, 1864
  • Series ID 13148 (IMM/249), Register of Land Orders Issued to employers, 1872-1875
  • Series ID 18514 (IMM/249), Register of 30 Pounds' (30) Land Orders, 1864-1866
  • Series ID 18515 (IMM/249), Register of 40-Acre Non-Transferable Land Orders, 1870-1876

Each register records land orders issued to immigrants on the completion of their obligations under the Immigration Act, 1864-1869 or under the Immigration Regulations,1861 (ss.1-4, 6-7) or Immigration Regulations 1863 (s.3). Land order claims could be made for the passage to Queensland by immigrants or others who provided passages for immigrants.

Information is recorded under the similar headings in each register, such as: Schedule of land selection orders issued on payment of undertakings, details for each entry include the number, applicant's (immigrant's) name (some include residence), date of issue and delivery, to whom delivered (Posted to self, C.P.S. employer, etc.), ground of application (names of recipients or payment of passage), per ship, acres (usually 30 or 40 acres or multiples of thereof), regulation and amount paid.

Series ID 13148 records land orders issued to employers of immigrants. Under the heading: Schedule of Land Selection Orders issued to employers under 23rd Sec. of the Immigration Act of 1869, details for each entry include the number, applicant's (individual employer, for example, Robert Towns; company, for example Peak Downs), date of issue and delivery, ground of application (immigrants' names), per ship, acres (usually 40 or multiples of 40).

The image below depicts page 55 from Item 1076736 (IMM/249) for 30 Pound land orders. Most of the registers follow a similar format.

Land orders 1861-1874Land orders 1861-1874

Related records

To locate other records relating to land orders please refer to Search procedure 7: Land orders (PDF, 39KB).

Last updated 04 October 2016

 Indexes available under Open Data initiative


​The index to land orders 1861 to 1874 is also available through the Queensland Government's Open Data initiative. The Open Data index is in .csv format.

The content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia Licence.