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Coloured labour and asiatic aliens in Queensland 1913

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Adobe Reader is required to open and print these Portable Document Format (PDF) index files and is free to download from the Adobe website. If you have difficulty accessing PDF files from our website please contact us.

Explanatory notes

  • check all possible spelling variants as names appear as written or typed in the original record
  • some given names are abbreviated as they appear in the original record
  • Mc and Mac names are interfiled
  • - or a blank cell indicates that there is no information recorded in the original
  • names have been indexed without an apostrophe, e.g. ODWYER
  • Asiatic and Indian names have not been anglicised and appear as recorded in the original documents
  • no clear family name: the Full name is entered as the Family name, e.g. Etero Kimino or Wong Ying You
  • Anglicised names have been entered as Given Names with other names entered as Surname, e.g. Chin Hoy, Charlie
  • no clear Family name with one or more Anglicised names the name is entered in as Given names. These names are found at the beginning of the index, e.g. Charlie Raymond
  • errors from the original document have been corrected where obvious, e.g. housewhife becomes housewife; 18933 becomes 1893
  • some original errors have been transcribed as is followed by (sic) e.g. 1998 (sic).

Locating the record on microfilm

Once the appropriate roll of microfilm is located, refer first to the label, which shows the order in which the records have been filmed. A roll of microfilm can contain copies of a large quantity of records; therefore, it is important to check the box label to determine beforehand the location of the register or record on the roll.

The correspondence and lists are located at the front of the bundle on microfilm 89381. They are the first records scanned on the microfilm of the record.

Costs and ordering

Copies of transcripts can be printed free of charge by opening the relevant PDF file in the index and selecting the Print Icon.

If you require further information please contact us.


This index was compiled from Item ID 862496 (PRE/A436), Correspondence, 1913 created by the Chief Secretary's Office.

The index although arranged alphabetically is a transcript of the original record and contains the names of non-British subjects who lived in various Queensland Police Districts including Townsville, Normanton, Roma, Rockhampton and Toowoomba in 1913. The original documentation refers to coloured labour and Asiatic aliens. Some of the included persons are described as: South Sea Islanders, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Greek and Indian.

It includes the name of the individual, birthplace, age, residence, date of arrival in Queensland and whether the individual has been naturalised by 1913 based on information included in the original documents and some additional information related to the individual's employment.

The index usually includes the Police Subdistrict within the Police District where the individual was counted.

The correspondence lists a number of individuals by nationality, location and occupation without additional personal details. This list is included below:



  • 7 Kanaka cane-growers
  • 6 Indian farmers
  • 1 Kanaka farmer
  • 1 Indian farmer
  • 1 Indian farmer
  • 1 Chinese farmer
  • 12 Singapore farmers
  • 8 Japanese farmers
  • 2 Philippine farmers
  • 11 Kanaka farmers
  • 6 Indian farmers
  • 3 Cingalese farmers
  • 213 Chinese farmers
  • 1 Negro farmer


  • 2 Chinese farmers
  • 1 Indian farmer

Mt Garnett

  • 3 Chinese farmers


  • 2 Indian farmers
  • 1 Singapore farmer

Gin Gin

  • 2 Kanaka farmers
  • 4 Cingalese farmers


  • 2 Kanaka farmers

Mt Perry

  • 2 Kanaka farmers


  • 2 Kanaka farmers


  • 2 Kanaka farmers

The bundle of correspondence also includes documents related to the collection of information in various Queensland Police Districts in 1913 and other activities of the Chief Secretary's Department during 1913.

This index or the correspondence should not be viewed as a complete list of all non-British subjects living in the region as some individuals may have been missed when the original lists were compiled.

Last updated 22 June 2016
Page 9 from the List of Individuals counted in the Ayr
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Page 9 from the List of Individuals counted in the Ayr Police Subdistrict, Townsville Police District in Queensland.​

 Indexes available under Open Data initiative


The index to coloured labour and asiatic aliens in Queensland 1913 is also available through the Queensland Government’s Open Data initiative. The Open Data index is in .csv format.

The content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia Licence.